Law Firm

Law firm of Etinger & Colleagues was founded in 2012 by Mr. Etinger. Six lawyers are currently working in the office of the community. Our law firm puts great emphasis to transparency and proximity to the concerns of the client from the first to the final meeting. Now we can give a competent advice in Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian and Polish languages in addition to the usual working languages German and English.

Our goal is to give the best possible advice and to provide the best representation in the court for our clients. It is ensured by constant training of our lawyers. Currently four of our colleagues have conducted special training and became specialized lawyers so we can efficiently help you with any specific issues.

We consciously do not want to be a “common-or-garden lawyers" for our clients; we always offer the best results which can be achieved with the help of our specialists! Through collaboration with our lawyers the best strategy for your concern can be found.