Karina Kuhn, Lawyer

- Karina Kuhn was born in 1976.

- 2003-2008 Was studying law with accompanying courses of European Law at the University of Julius - Maximilian in Wurzburg.

- 2008-2011 Was working as a clerk in the Higher Regional Court of Bamberg in the department of the District Court of Schweinfurt, as well as in the District Office of Kitzingen

- End of 2012 Received permission to the legal profession.

- Since 2012 to the present day: Collaborates with the lawyer Sergei Etinger.

- Undergo specialized training for lawyers in the field of tax law from October 2012

Focus of the activities:
- Tax Law
- Inheritance Law
- Guardianship Law
- German company Law
- Tenancy Law (Property Law)
- Purchase Law (CISG)

- German
- Romanian